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Is This document genuine?

IsThisGenuine is a simple, fast, low-cost way to help prevent identity theft, particularly useful to the legal profession.

In these days of the easy electronic transfer of almost anything, recipients of (especially) legally binding contract and agreements need to be certain that the document they hold is genuine.



IsThisGenuine is useful for anyone who keeps a register of documents issued or held. Please enquire: Email us or use the contact form

IsThisGenuine puts the recipients of a document in touch with the author in order to verify that a document is genuine.


How it works

The person or company issuing the document adds a unique machine-readable code to the document.

The recipient of the document scans the code with a smart phone; is presented with a web page, completes the form and clicks SEND. An email is sent to the publisher who emails back to confirm or deny that the document was issued by them. It really is that simple!

IsThisGenuine is in use by Notaries Public – unfortunately Notaries are often the target of identity theft. A notarised document adds gravitas and authenticity to a transaction and that makes forging a notary’s signature or stamp an attractive proposition to fraudsters.

To find out all about the scheme for Notaries visit

FAQs include:

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Doesn’t Legalisation Prevent Fraud? * What documents are at risk? * I’m a notary so how do I join the scheme and get started?

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What is a machine-readable code and what does it look like?
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